100% Clean. 100% Possible.

Burning oil, gas and coal has not only polluted our air, water and land for decades. Now it’s changing our climate even faster than scientists feared it would. We can have healthier communities right now and a livable future for kids growing up today. But to get there, we need to transform the way we produce and consume energy.

That's why we’re calling for a nationwide commitment to 100% renewable power.

It’s a big, bold goal, one that would make America a world leader in the race toward a cleaner, healthier future — and it’s a goal that’s 100% possible.

Apple, Facebook, Google and more

Companies and municipalities are already making moves.

Consider: Companies ranging from Apple, Google and Facebook to Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola have already committed to going 100% renewable. So have cities like San Diego, Rochester, Minn., and Lancaster, Calif.

Some cities, like Greensburg, Kan., Burlington, Vt. and Aspen, Colo., have already achieved 100% renewable energy.

Going 100% renewable is 100% possible.

What's more, solar power has tripled in America in just the last two years — with a new home or business going solar every one and a half minutes. In many states, wind power is now cheaper than gas or coal. Clean energy keeps growing faster, with prices dropping lower than even the most optimistic industry predictions of just a few years ago.

But we can do more, and we must do more to stave off the worst effects of climate change.

Wayne National Forest Welcome Center via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

We need to keep building momentum

It’s time to stop letting some slow-moving politicians drag their feet and start pushing them to step up and lead.

It’s time to sweep past the big energy interests — from Big Oil and gas companies like ExxonMobil and Chevron to utilities like Duke Energy and Pacific Gas & Electric, from climate deniers in Congress to the Koch brothers — that are not only standing in the way, but using their financial might and political clout to roll back renewable energy’s progress.

Join our call, and help your community go 100% renewable.

The more people who join our call for 100% renewable power, the more local, state, national and corporate leaders will step up and take action that will make a difference now and get us on the right track for the future.

Adam Perri

Why wait?

And we can’t wait: Scientists say we must stop burning virtually all fossil fuels by 2050 in order to spare kids growing up today from the devastating impacts of climate change.

And why should we wait?

Why wait for healthier communities with cleaner air and water when we can have them today?

Why wait until it’s impossible to leave the kids we know and love a safer, healthier tomorrow?

Why wait, when we can start changing the conversation about how we produce and consume energy — so it’s no longer a question of whether we’ll get to 100% renewable power, but how fast?

Why wait, when America has the responsibility, the ingenuity and the will to start leading the world to a 100% renewable future right now?

Steven Gilbert

We’ve got the power 

We’re ready for this. Our national network has done more to promote solar, wind and energy efficiency on the state and local level than any other group in the country. We’ve won clean energy policies, from pro-solar initiatives to clean cars programs to renewable energy standards in 22 states, all of which are driving down the costs of wind and solar, and driving down carbon pollution.

Now we need you to join this movement and the first step is an easy one: Add your name in support of a 100% renewable future.

Together, we can do this. A 100% renewable future based on 100% American-made energy is 100% possible. And it starts now.

Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen via Flickr

100% Clean Energy Updates

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DOD’s Energy Plan: National Security through Clean Energy

The Department of Defense released its first energy plan, “Energy for the Warfighter: Operational Energy Strategy,” which aims to ensure that the armed forces have the energy sources they need to compete in the 21st Century while reducing dependence on foreign oil and improving military resilience. The plan highlights three strategies that theDOD will useto obtainits goals: reduced energy demand, diversified energy sources, and incorporation of energy into strategic planning.

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Senate Votes to Protect Dirty and Wasteful Ethanol Subsidies

The United States Senate today voted down an amendment by Tom Coburn to eliminate the blenders tax credit for ethanol, as well as the ethanol import tariff, by a final vote of 40-59. Environment America Staff Attorney Daniel Gatti issued this statement in response.

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Reducing Military Oil Consumption Will Protect America

Representative Giffords and Senator Udall have proposed the Udall-Giffords Security Act, a bill to encourage the military to reduce their dependence on foreign oil through generating increased alternative energy, investing in electric and hybrid vehicles, strengthening renewable energy programs and smart grid technologies, and increasing fuel efficiency standards for military vehicles.

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New Vehicle Labels Encourage Cleaner Cars

Today the Obama administration announced new fuel economy window labels for passenger vehicles that will help Americans shopping for a new car better identify each car’s projected pollution emissions and its gasoline costs. The new labels are expected to help car buyers more easily identify these cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars.

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President Obama Announces Important Step to Save Oil

The Obama administration today announced a pilot program designed to put the government on the path to making the federal fleet powered entirely by alternative fueled vehicles by 2015. Environment America staff policy analyst Daniel Gatti issued this response.

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