We need leaders who will fight for a better environment

Environment America Action Fund works to protect our environment and the places that make America great. Our commitment to Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy and the Conservation of America’s treasured places speak to our families’ health, the quality of our lives and the values we share.

Our treasures are threatened by powerful industries and short-sighted politicians. Using targeted grassroots organizing and strategic communications, we work to help elect candidates who will stand up for the environment, and to defeat politicians who place corporate profits ahead of environmental protection the conservation of our special places. The tactics we use  promote democracy by educating the public and getting people involved.

Environment America Action Fund was created to counter the power of the unchecked contributions made by corporate polluters and their allies in the political process.


Paid for by Environment America Action Fund, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Contact us at: www.environmentamericaactionfund.org.


218 D St SE, Washington, DC 20003


Photo: Jeff Kubina via flickr.com / CC-BY-SA