We helped win the single biggest action our country has ever taken on climate

Under the newly announced Clean Power Plan, gas and coal power plants will pollute 32 percent less and clean energy sources such as wind and solar will meet much more of the nation’s electricity needs. Environment America is proud of the role we’ve played to galvanize public support for this historic plan. With continued commitment from President Obama and state leaders, and strong backing from the American people, this will mark a giant shift toward the 100 percent clean energy reality that the climate crisis demands and future generations deserve.

News Release | Environment America

Release: Hastings Bill Opens Atlantic and Pacific Coasts to Oil Drilling

H.R. 6082, the so-called “Congressional Replacement of President Obama's Energy-Restricting and Job-Limiting Offshore Drilling Plan” passed the House today by a margin of 253 to 170. 

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News Release | Environment America

217 Atlantic Coast Environmental Groups and Other Stakeholders Unite Behind Atlantic Offshore Wind

Today, 217 environmentalists, conservationists, clean energy advocates, businesses, and local and state officials from up and down the Atlantic Coast are united in calling for bold action to accelerate the development of offshore wind.  The coalition released a letter to the Obama Administration to show strong support for progress made to date and to urge continued leadership to ensure we see several wind farms spinning off our coasts within the next few years.

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News Release | Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center

Falmouth, Cape Cod, leading Massachusetts in Solar Development

Falmouth and Cape Cod are leading the way when it comes to solar power according to a new report released today by Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center. Falmouth has 127 individual solar installations, behind only Boston, with 157, despite having around 5% of the population of the Bay State’s capitol city.

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Why local bag bans are needed | Dan Jacobson

Last Tuesday the city of Santa Cruz became the 50th city in California to live plastic bag free. I am really excited about local bans for 3 reasons.

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News Release | Environment California

Santa Cruz Bans Single Use Plastic Bags

Santa Cruz became the 50th city to implement a single use plastic bag ban last night when the city council voted to ban plastic bags and put a fee on paper bags.

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