We helped win the single biggest action our country has ever taken on climate

Under the newly announced Clean Power Plan, gas and coal power plants will pollute 32 percent less and clean energy sources such as wind and solar will meet much more of the nation’s electricity needs. Environment America is proud of the role we’ve played to galvanize public support for this historic plan. With continued commitment from President Obama and state leaders, and strong backing from the American people, this will mark a giant shift toward the 100 percent clean energy reality that the climate crisis demands and future generations deserve.

News Release | Environment California Research & Policy Center

California Businesses Save While Reducing Carbon Pollution

Amidst the excitement and controversy of the California launch of the nation’s first ever economy-wide carbon pollution auction, Environment California Research & Policy Center released a new report detailing how businesses and organizations of all different types and sizes are embracing clean energy solutions as a way to reap near-term economic returns, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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News Release | Environment Illinois

Carbondale Votes Unanimously to Support Statewide Fracking Moratorium

Carbondale, IL—In a unanimous decision, the Carbondale City Council passed a resolution calling on the Illinois General Assembly to “enact a moratorium on high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing until such time as the health and environmental concerns of the people of Illinois are addressed”. In this decision, Carbondale joins the Illinois towns of Carlyle, Anna and Alto Pass and Union and Jackson Counties in taking action supporting a moratorium, becoming the largest city yet to do so.

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News Release

A Wake Up Call

Hurricane Sandy is another wake-up call. This time, let's heed Nature’s not-so-subtle reminder of what a warming planet has in store for us. It's time to take action to reduce carbon pollution, slow global warming, slow the rise of our oceans, and leave our children a safer planet.

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News Release | Environment America

Environment America Applauds Bloomberg Endorsement of Obama

Statement of Environment America Executive Director Margie Alt on Mayor Bloomberg Endorsement

Mayor Bloomberg is stating what so many of us know: responding to climate change will require leadership beyond traditional politics. Kudos to the mayor for his own leadership. And we agree wholeheartedly; President Obama is the right president to move us forward on climate change, the central issue of our age.

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News Release | Environment America

Obama Administration Announces First “Smart from the Start” Offshore Wind Lease

Offshore wind off the Atlantic coast took another step forward yesterday when Obama administration officials reached agreement on a lease with offshore wind developer, NRG Blue Water Wind, LLC,  for commercial wind development in a 100,000 acre area about 12 miles off the coast of Delaware.

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