Bipartisan Victories Across the Nation Help Solar Shine

By | Rob Sargent
Energy Program Director

Bipartisan support for solar is on the rise! Maryland, Texas, and Georgia all pass new measures to further the local solar revolution, and enable communities increased access to affordable clean energy. 

Shady Characters Are Blocking the Sun

By | Hillary Larson
Digital Organizer, Clean Energy Campaign

Charles and David Koch, along with their dirty energy allies, are doing everything they can to block the sun and stop progress towards a solar energy future. 

Tesla Announces a Game Changing Breakthrough for Energy in America

By | Rob Sargent
Energy Program Director

Solar has been growing at astonishing pace in the last few years, with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses now powered by the sun.  Because the sun does not shine 24/7, naysayers argue that we have limited ability to capture its unlimited and pollution-free energy. That’s about to change.

All quacked up for wetlands

By | Russell Bassett
Clean Water Digital Campaigner

Without wetlands, ducks would be, well, sitting ducks. All of North America’s duck and goose species depend on wetland habitats for breeding, rearing, and/or for resting and foraging along their migratory flyways.  Despite the many important reasons for protecting our remaining wetlands, in the last decade, wetlands have actually lost protection.