And the winner is… up to you!

By | Hillary Larson
Digital Organizer, Clean Energy Campaign

As a part of our solar photo contest, Environment America members sent us pictures and stories to say why they love the sun. The entries we received inspired us. In fact, we got so many great stories and photos that, along with our guest judges, we need your help to choose a winner. Vote today. 

as a part of our solar photo contest.

Like a stroll through a Dr. Seuss garden

By | Russell Bassett
Clean Water Digital Campaigner

Mountains higher than the Appalachians, canyons deeper than the Grand Canyon, miles of forest, and a rich diversity of wildlife: Would you believe that’s a description of the Atlantic Ocean? 

Here’s an idea – solar on schools

By | Hillary Larson
Digital Organizer, Clean Energy Campaign

By putting solar on schools, we can protect the planet while educating students about renewable energy.

Communities left defenseless against fracking

By | Michael Carter
Digital Campaigner, Stop Drilling Program

The Colorado Supreme Court will soon decide whether communities can ban fracking locally. Since the impacts of fracking -- like air and water pollution -- are felt locally, communities deserve the ability to protect themselves from this harmful process.